Ariana Resources, exploration and development company operating in Europe, shared half year 2021 production update for Kızıltepe Gold Mine.

According to the update, gold production during first half of 2021 was realized as 7,941 ounces. The company noted that this figure is approx %19 above 2021 production forecast.

While average monthly mine production in the period was approximately 34,000 tonnes, the company noted that they established 285,000 tonnes of stockpile which represents about 10 months of enhanced production capacity.

The company noted that open-pit mining is continuing primarily at the “Arzu North” pit, with mining occurring concurrently at the “Derya” pit and 206,450 tonnes of ore have been mined from both pits to the end of June 2021.

The company noted that process plant expansion project which will increase operating capacity to a nominal 400,000 tonnes of ore per annum is already partially operational and nearing completion. The company also expects ore throughput during 2021 is to be approx 325,000 tonnes which represents a 115% increase over the feasibility plan.

Dr. Kerim Sener, Managing Director, commented on recent production results: “The past six months have again provided production at Kızıltepe which exceeds forecasts, largely as a result of the higher-than expected average grade that has been maintained through the processing plant. We are now looking forward to seeing the effect of the processing plant expansion, which is nearing completion, with process plant throughput already increasing during July. Once full-automation of the new system is established, around mid-August, we are expecting process throughput to increase to a nominal 400,000 tonnes of ore per annum, enabling us to maintain our guidance of circa 19,000 ounces of gold production for the year.”

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