Collaboration in the workplace is becoming increasingly important in the modern world as we become more connected around the globe. However, in many organizations, collaboration is still seen as an activity that involves team members working on a project together. True collaboration is more than an activity… It is when individual goals are subordinated for collective achievement.

In a truly collaborative environment like ours, everyone has a voice. (a very loud voice indeed) When people have a voice, they are able to contribute. When they understand how their contributions fit into the organization’s strategy, it gives them purpose. With that purpose comes belief in the organization. Purpose and belief translate into high levels of engagement.

For sure, building collaborative teams in a company is not just limited with collaboration among employees… Building up collaborative partnerships with our dealers –we call them “partners” in Epiroc as you know-  will obviously have a positive impact on our business and improve our organization’s bottom line.

Epiroc Middle East Partners, Middle East/Turkey sales teams and trainers from all divisions met for Epiroc Partners Collaboration and Training Days in January 6-11, 2019.

“We are aware that organization-wide collaboration can breathe new life into a company and moves the organization forward. And we are aiming to build up a truly collaborative environment that involves every employee at every level and department and our partners as well. This will, without any doubt increase our productivity, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and it will lower stress and thus we will provide a  better work/business environment for both our employees and partners.” says Erdem Tüzünalp, Regional General Manager Turkey & Middle East, “after the training, we sent out an evaluation survey to the participants in order to receive their feed back. When we check the responses, we are proud to see that we did it again! This event was a success and all participants are willing to be a part of these training and collaboration days in the future.”

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