Mining industry is a global marketplace where any project in any place could attract investors and create new ventures. Such opportunities have been introduced for Turkish investors via “Bulletin of Mining Concessions and Projects”, which has been published as a free supplement of Madencilik Türkiye Magazine since 2010. In its latest issue of the Bulletin (June 2019), Atlantic Industrial Minerals (AIM) presented its Glencoe Project (Limestone deposit consists of 1 billion tonnes of carbonate rocks, about 500 million tonnes of which are -low alkali- cement grade &  cement  plant project.) The license is located in the Cape Breton, Nova Scotia region, approximately 45 km north of the town of Port Hawkesbury. AIM is looking for joint venture partner from Turkey as well as considering sales option for its license.  You may reach the details of this project opportunity via: 24th Bulletin of Mining Concessions and Projects

“Bulletin of Mining Concessions and Projects”, is a brief technical brochure, prepared with the license owners who want to sell, rent or share their mining licenses to local or international investors. Bulletin gathers important documents about the project (such as the license document, geological reports and the results of drilling activity) and prepare GIS based thematic maps to promote the project opportunity in a best marketable format. You may also contact with the Bulletin to promote your licenses in a professional way for both Turkish and international investors via:

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