We continue to improve in digital media environments to adapt to the requirements of our age and to enrich the experience we offer our readers.

As Madencilik Türkiye Magazine, we are pleased to announce signing of an partnership agreement with the Canada based PressReader application which provides world famous publications from over 120 countries in over 60 languages to its readers. With this collaboration, our magazine can now be accessed via the PressReader application and our issues can be displayed and archived on all tablets and mobile phones. You can access our magazine from under the title of “Business and Finance” on PressReader application.

The companies in our magazine reach more people every day

In addition to the tens of thousands of miners we reach via our website and social media accounts, we now reach PressReader users all around the world. In this scope, the companies featured in our magazine will reach more readers than ever before.

Matching the content with the needs and interests of the readers, the PressReader facilitates users’ access to the content of interest with agreements made with many airlines and tourism companies including Turkish Airlines, and bridges different cultures.

In order to provide better service to our readers and customers, we continue to improve our services. within this context,  Recently starting to take part in Bundle News application which is available on Android and IOS platforms, Madencilik Türkiye Magazine will continue to be the voice of the Turkish Mining Industry.


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