MBEF Makine was established in 2011 to design and manufacture core drilling rigs and equipment. Having its headquarters in Ankara Turkey, MBEF Makine serves to drilling industry with inholding experienced technical crews to provide high manufacturing quality and unconditional customer satisfaction.

MBEF is the subsidiary company of Pozitif Sondaj (Pozitif Drilling), a major drilling contractor in Turkey. The most important advantage of MBEF is getting effective and productive feedbacks from the contractor part, Pozitif Sondaj. All the products and innovations developed by MBEF is tested in different field conditions by Pozitif Sondaj without any exceptions. Field feedbacks getting from the drillers are evaluated carefully to sustain persistent superior manufacturing quality.

MBEF carries on research&development, manufacturing and sales activities of exploration core drilling rigs, core drilling equipment and drilling accessories. Through consideration of customer feedbacks and research activities, MBEF Makine keeps developing to reach its goal of achieving the most effective level of production quality.

Main product range of MBEF is consists of exploration core drilling rigs and equipment. In capital equipment, PD500 is the one of the most popular and preferred core drilling rig in Turkey. Contracting part, Pozitif Sondaj runs drilling operation with 25 pcs of PD500 core drilling rigs in whole Turkey. Technical development of PD500 has taken more then 3 years with research activities and feedbacks from drillers.

PD 500 core drilling rig, manufactured in MBEF Makine Ankara manufacturing Facilities with domestic capital and labor, is one move ahead of the machines in its own class with user friendly simple design, hard condition resistant structure and superior production quality.

The basic technical specs of PD500:

Drilling Capacities:

Diameter Drilling Capacity
PWL (OD:114,30 mm) 650 m.
HWL (OD:88,90 mm) 1.000 m.
NWL (OD:69,90 mm) 1.550 m.
PD500 Power Unit
Engine FORD / Ecotorq 9L
Engine Type Turbo Diesel, Water Cooled
Cylinder Vol / Qty 8.974 cc / 6 Cylinders
Max Power 315 hp (235 kw)
Max Rpm 2.200 rpm
Emission Euro 3-4
Fuel Capacity 220L
PD500 Drill Head
Hydraulic Engine Rexroth, double rotation
Transmission Manual, 4 gears
Jaw System Nitrojen Gazlı Pistonla Kapanan Hidrolik Açılan 7’li Çene
Holding Capacity 20.000 kg
Max Rpm 1.200 rpm
Side Move Hydraulic, 30 cm side move
Max Holding Diameter 117 mm

Technical crews of MBEF are all have drilling background and field experience. Through that devoted and qualified staff, manufacturing and quality control processes are executed in high-precision.

Besides its own manufactured products, MBEF Makine also maintains the Turkish authorized distributorship of drilling equipment and spare part manufacturing companies which have already gained recognition in international drilling industry.

Product Line of MBEF

Capital Equipment: PD500 Exploration Core Drilling Rig

Core Drilling Equipment:

  • In Hole Tools

Complete core barrel assembly and overshot assembly, head Assembly, Inner tube, core lifter case, core lifter, stop ring, locking coupling, adapter coupling and outer tube for two and three tube models.

  • Diamond Products
    HAYDEN impregnated diamond bits, reaming shells and drilling rods and casings (in all dimensions). MBEF is the authorized Turkey distributor of Hayden Diamond products, Canada.
  • Auxiliary Equipment
    Water swivels and hoisting plugs, rod recovery tools, rod/casing cutters, pipe wrenches, adaptors in all dimensions, water pump spare parts, nitrogen gas pistons.


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