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Mining Hub of the MENA & Balkans

Mining-Turkey.com is the digital mining news service about Mining Industry of MENA & Balkans.

Digital Access only 199 USD/Year
  • Breaking mining industry news from the MENA & Balkan Regions especially Turkey.
  • Global & Local Private Company News from MENA & Balkan Regions (Latest developments, covering early stage exploration, through feasibility and mine development to steady state operation and shut down etc.)
  • Local Public Institutions News (Legislations, tenders and the Government’s policy about future of mining in MENA & Balkan Regions)
  • Local & Regional Event Introductions
  • Company Profiles from MENA & Balkan Regions

… and everything you wonder about the MENA & Balkan Regions especially Turkey’s Mining Industry

Sales Enquiries: info@mining-turkey.com

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