Sandvik Unveils New DD320S Jumbo

Sandvik introduced the new underground drill DD320S offering a new alternative to the mining and tunnel industries, with an organization took place in Ankara in June.  Mining and Tunnel Construction professionals have shown significant interest to the presentation of the new DD320S which Sandvik aims to reduce initial investment costs without compromising performance and quality.

Offering a wide range of underground drilling jumbos for mining and civil construction industries Sandvik, with its new product aims to provide safer and more effective work environment for operators and maintenance teams by combining its experience in underground mining and tunnel projects with well-proven components, systems and controls.

In the scope of the event, As the, We had the opportunity to receive information about the new Sandvik DD320S from the Sandvik officials. Johannes Välivaara, Sandvik Underground Drilling Equipment Product Manager, used following sentences: “DD320S is designed to offer reliability and lower operation costs along with the performance to the customers which are operating in mining and tunneling industries.”  Välivaara added: “DD320S has most of the components we used in DD321. In this regard, everything has quite well proven and standardized technology. We wanted to bring Turkish market a simplified product providing necessary features but despite the simplified design, this product still offers good drilling performance and since we are using well proven components in DD320S, reliability is still high level.”

Johannes Välivaara, Sandvik Underground Drilling Equipment Product Manager

Emphasizing that having  more simplified design is one of the biggest feature of the new Sandvik DD320S Oguz Arslan, Sandvik Turkey Construction Department Sales Manager,  stated that well-proven components used in Sandvik’s latest products for years, brought together in DD320S. Arslan made the following statements about the Sandvik DD320S, which combines performance and simplicity:” Our main purpose while we design this product is to create an more economical equipment in terms of initial investment costs. The use of latest technologies in all components of the drilling equipment increases the cost of the product.We decided to keep the manufacturing footprint of DD320S still in Europe despite there were some geographical areas where the cost of labor is cheaper. Yet we managed to produce more affordable product while maintaining maximum efficiency and quality. In this context, our DD320S model will come to the fore with its more affordable price. Our new product designed for tunnels and mine shafts, will be more assertive in the Turkey’s mining and tunneling industries. “

Välivaara stated that they designed this product in order to provide, an alternative offering high performance and reliability to its customers in Turkey. He explained what they expect from Sandvik DD320S at Turkish Market:” Turkey is one of our main markets for this product so we expect quite amount of successful business across mining and civil construction industries.”

Oguz Arslan, Sandvik Turkey Construction Department Sales Manager

Arslan stated that they aimed to be the first in all fields besides the new product they introduced. Arslan added: “We have ambitious competitors in the market. Generally speaking, we aim to be the first in terms of market share in sales, but due to the current economic and financial conditions, our business has slowed down a bit, but we are chasing all opportunities. With our new models, such as the DD320S, we strive to maintain our good position in the mining and construction sector under difficult market conditions.”

Emphasizing that Turkey is one of their targeted markets Sandvik officials, highlighted the importance of testing the new product locally. Välivaara stated that “We found opportunity to test DD320S model extensively. We carried out a benchmarking process together with the Sargın Construction, contractor of the Esan’s Balya Mine. We had the opportunity to compare the DD320S with the other OEM machines in the mine. In this comparison, we set up some key performance indicators such as efficiency and usability. Of course, the feedback we received during the safe blasting process was among these key performance indicators. All measurements we put together and data provided by Sargın Construction showed us that we are quite ahead of the competition. We consider these data to be indicative of a good level of performance and reliability. We are glad to have carried out such a trial with our local customers operating in one of our focused countries such as Turkey. “

Sandvik DD320S Jumbo