Focused on lead, zinc, and copper mining, Pasinex Resources (Listed in Toronto stock exchange PSE; and Frankfurt Stock Exchange: PNX) continues its operations with its company in Turkey, Pasinex Arama ve Madencilik AŞ.

Having an experienced and specialist team on exploring, developing and producing the Turkey’s underground riches, the company focused producing lead and zinc with adopting best available and possible techniques within the today’s technology in its most important project in Turkey, Pınargözü Mine.


Pasinex Resources

Pasinex Arama ve Madencilik General Manager Soner Koldaş, shared the details about the company structure and the company’s operations: “We continue to produce zinc and lead within the Horzum AŞ which is formed 50/50 partnership between Pasinex Arama Madencilik and Akmetal AŞ. We continue to operate with a successful and sustainable mining strategy in Pınargözü Mine,which is located in Adana, Kozan and is the mine with highest zinc potential in the region and even in Turkey. In addition to Pınargözü Mine, significant zinc fields also reside in our portfolio. Besides, we discovered sulfide and oxide zinc resources in our Gunman Mine (zinc oxides: 43.9 metres @ 14.2% zinc including 13.7 metres @ 26.1% zinc and 5.6 ounces of silver) located in ABD, Nevada. Developing this project is also one of our priorities.

Stating they continue the production with increasing tonnage and preparation since 2014, Soner Koldaş noted: “Our geology team continues to study and drilling in the fields with exploration license. In the project, thus far, we prioritized zinc oxide production in our mine.  In 2020, we completed modelling and planning phase for the zinc sulfide located in deeper levels and we started working for the fourth adit  in September, 2020. We plan to start production in these levels in April 2021.”

“With its significantly high zinc grades and unique geology, the Pınargözü is a globally referenced mine”, said Soner Koldaş and shared details on operations at Pınargözü Mine: “Production takes place in Kozan province of Adana and the mined ores are transferred stock yard which is 80 km far from the mine site. Before exporting the ore, pre-beneficiation and classification processes take place. Then the ore is transported to port with big bags with dedicated sizes and grade. High grades and being close location to the port are highly advantageous for us. Our process does not include any chemical beneficiation, and this is also positive for our balance sheets.”

Highlighting that Horzum AŞ’s Pınargözü mine provides highest employment opportunities in the Kozan province, Koldaş notes that as a mining company, our operation provides significant value add to both the region and Turkey’s economy. Koldaş has also noted that along with providing added value, the company’s plans and guidance are focused on developing mine and increasing production rate in line with the markets dynamics.

“As company our sole interest is focused on Turkey” said Koldaş, emphasizing the importance of their operations in Turkey. He noted:  “Both government and Canada support and show close interest and support to us. We show utmost importance to occupational health and safety, environmental sensitivity and our relationship with the local communities.”

Stating that core of the sustainable mining is to accept “zero tolerance” understanding occupational safety and health and environment. Koldaş said “We continuously transfer technology into our operation and empowerment to our workforce’s education and development of our human resources. We care best use of our resources.”

Emphasizing that Pasinex Resources’ “Gunman Project”   in Nevada, USA has similar features with Pinargozu mine and CRD type of geology, Koldaş said: “On December 7, 2017, as Pasinex Resources, we established Nevada Ltd and acquired the Gunman Zinc Project from Cypress Development Corp. Our resource development drillings, which we have planned within this year, will continue.

Stating that due to the nature of underground mining, they continued their production by taking all kinds of health and safety measures and precautions during the pandemic period, Koldaş said, “Long-term stoppage of underground mining is a very risky situation from technical and safety point of view. Personally, I would like to take this opportunity and wish to thank all our employees, technical and healthcare teams for their devoted works and for strictly applying the hygiene measures we have established. “

Pasinex ResourcesKoldaş continued his words with the following sentences: “My prediction is that 2021 will be a year of rehabilitation for the whole world. I think that there will be a recovery, and the world will return to normal as of the second half of this year. After the pandemic, I also expect some significant increases in commodity prices. The mining industry will be a shining star in the next 5 years. We, as a company, want to take our position and achieve our goals in a planned and organized manner.

Once again, I would like to thank you for being the voice of mining and miners. The future of our country depends on bringing all existing natural resources above ground and bringing them into the economy. Thus, efforts should be made to remove the obstacles in front of mining companies. It is important to facilitate the permit processes with a sustainable and appropriate mining law, license assurance for the investors, reasonable annual payments and fees. In addition, drilling activities aimed at revealing the wealth of the country should be encouraged and supported by our government. No sector works under very difficult conditions like the mining sector. No other sector creates as much added value as the mining industry.

As I have never seen before, domestic and foreign companies show great desire to make mining investments to our country. To sustain this enthusiasm, it is beneficial not to enact additional and alternative laws and regulations that will cause difficulties to mining companies and bring them to a halt. If our state provides the necessary convenience and incentives to mining companies, I will argue that our country will double its current gold, zinc, copper and chromium production as soon as possible.

Personally, I see that our Minister Fatih Dönmez is always with the miners, he listens, does devoted and successful work. Also, we, as miners, must fully support their efforts in this manner. I would like to thank them and their team through you. “

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