Highlighted by popularity of Bitcoin, concepts such as blockchain technology and tokenization continue to be integrated into many different industries, similar projects have started to get attention in Turkey.

Erdal Can Alkoçlar, co-chairman of Spektral Investment Bank, which operates in our country and has project in this field, noted that tokenization will create an unprecedented added value for our country’s economy. Explaining that they will implement the first tokenization project in the mining field in Turkey, Alkoçlar said: “We will be launching the first example of aforementioned tokenization projects with a gold field in the eastern region very soon.”

Stating his belief on the way of avoiding volatility factors in crypto assets and ensuring that crypto assets remain a viable investment tool is the “Stablecoin” facility with fixed value or quantity, Spektral Investment Bank Acting Chairman Metehan Yesil noted that Group IV mining licenses could ensure this. Yeşil stated that: “Especially our country’s IV group mining fields. It is obvious that tokenization will create an unprecedented added value to the country’s economy within the framework of Stablecoins projects, with the group IV mining potential and a legal infrastructure that will protect the investor in the broadest scope.”

Yesil also shared information on their projects: “We will also be providing a calcite operation license of our subsidiary Anadolu Calcite Corporation as a permanent collateral for the new stake module project that we will apply with BTCBAM; a technical security with 292 million EU Worth that had been valuated by Izmir 6th Commercial Court with Instruction number 2021/66 with a simultaneous Reserve Detection Report Performed by Istanbul University with Report Number 74332 and 18.06.2020 issue date to project our faith in our precious IT team.”

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