ARDEF Mining Machinery Energy Trade Inc. has been serving in mining sector with its more than 20 years of experience and continuing its activities speedily in collaboration with THIELE since September 2015. After coorporation with ARDEF, THIELE were very satified with the development of the market to reach THIELE’s targets. As a ARDEF, we are very pleased to offer this valuable brand to the service of Turkish mining industry. ARDEF continues its intensive sales and after-sales activities, in the context of ongoing business partnerships in the Turkish mining and heavy-duty industry.

Turkey and Germany have long-standing ties of friendship. This relationship is much deeper and closer that current media reports would suggest. Mining companies and mining technology firms simply could not function without the many people of Turkish origin who
work for them. Every tenth employee at THIELE has Turkish roots. They and their colleagues from Germany and other countries who work at the THIELE plant in Iserlohn produce chain systems for the mining sector and other branches of industry. The first mining chains were manufactured in the early 1950s and since then the THIELE company has extended its market to include not just Germany but the entire world.

THIELE is now one of the most important and innovative suppliers of chains for the longwall mining sector. THIELE’s products and services are primarily focused on the needs and expectations of clients and are designed to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. With a reputation as a problem solver in mine conveying THIELE have become the partner of choice for our customers – and THIELE continue to set new standards for quality and functionality.

Turkey’s lignite deposits impose particularly high demands on chain technology. Whereas the coal measures of the USA are relatively straightforward and can be mined at fairly high speeds, and while the thick seams of the Chinese coalfields do indeed present problems when it comes to moving the large quantities of coal being extracted, even greater mining engineering skills are called for when it comes to coal winning in Turkey. And THIELE is doing everything in power to provide mine operators with technology that is both reliable and durable. It is vitally important that the chains should
not fail, so that mineworkers are not exposed to added risks when effecting repairs.

Unconventional solutions are often required in order to be able to apply the now-established LTCC technique without endangering the face workers. In some collieries, for example, the rear conveyor is guided around a roller curve in order to draw off the roof coal. This means that the chain assembly is deflected by 90°, a manoeuvre that can only be achieved by deploying an extremely well-engineered chain system. Chain conveyors operating on coal faces are generally loaded very unevenly. Because of this it is important
that the chains and their connecting components are specifically designed to cope with situations of this kind. The connecting links are subjected to particularly high stresses and high-quality heat treatment, combined with careful workmanship, is needed to ensure that
these components do not become weak points in the overall system.

However, the real key to success lies in establishing good teamwork and encouraging mutual dialogue between the company’s designers and production engineers, ARDEF support on one side, and the Turkish mining engineers on the other. Indeed language is not such a big issue here, for when people want to make themselves understood they will do it somehow. And when engineers are together that can always resort to a sketch or a technical drawing.

As a ARDEF, we are proud of our association with THIELE in the Turkish mining industry and the confidence it has placed in us. We want to wish all Turkish mineworkers a safe shift, good fortune and miner’s good luck!

(Left to right) Fatih Çalık, Dr Günther Philipp, Richard Kandzia

Dr.-Ing. Günther Philipp
Managing Director
‘My attachment to Turkey is not just for business reasons. I am very fond of the country and its people and my daughter even studied at the German- Turkish University in Istanbul.’

Dipl.-Ing. Richard Kandzia
Sales Director
‘Before now most of our dealings were with miners of Turkish origin working mainly at German coal mines. We are very pleased that Turkey’s mining industry is growing the way it is. From our collaboration with Turkish clients it is clear that we are dealing with true professionals.’

Wirt.-Ing. Fatih Çalık
Sales Manager Turkey
‘I always wanted to pursue my career both in Germany and in Turkey, where I was born. It is a source of great satisfaction that I can be of use to both sides by helping to create a win-win situation for everyone.’

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