FORAMEC Aims to Solve The Needs and Problems of Its Customers by Giving Best Service Before and After Sales

FORAMEC is serving to mining, heavy construction and energy projects by supplying machinery and equipment with more than 10 years experienced staff successfully. Main Office is in Ankara and the service branch is in Izmir.

All the companies that we represent or distribute under the FORAMEC structure are leading and innovative companies in their business fields with their sustainable efficiency and quality perspective.

Our main partner list and general product portfolio is;

NORMET: Normet manufactures mobile machinery designed especially for underground mines and tunnels. Main products are shotcrete machines, concrete transmixers, trucks, personnel carriers, platforms, explosive charging machines and all kind of utility vehicle for U/G. Finland


CRCHI: CRCHI supplies Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) for all kind of mechanised tunnelling projects.  Diameter varies from small size micro tunnels to bigger size macro tunnels which covers almost all mechanised tunneling diameters. China

DSI UNDERGROUND: DSI offers comprehensive range of roof support products including rock bolts and ground improvement chemicals. Germany


SCHÖMA: Schöma produces diesel and battery types Locomotives. Germany

MSD: MSD produces rolling stock (flat car, muck car, menrider, segment car and grout car), start-up sealing system, segment clamps for tunneling works. Germany

MINEARC: Minearc is the global market leader in mobile and permanent refuge chambers for underground mining, tunneling, and chemical processing industries. Australia

ZITRON: A leader in the manufacture of ventilation systems for mining, public works and the naval sector; transport, drilling and lifting equipment. Spain

ABC: ABC is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of flexible and semi-rigid polymer products and air distribution systems for mine and tunnel ventilation. Canada

MONTES: Montes designs, manufactures and installs specific TMU dedusters for a clean and healthy environment in underground works, such as railway, road or hydraulic tunnels and tunnel refurbishing.

NOKIAN: Nokian which produces world famous automobile tires, carries its understanding of quality with construction and mining machinery heavy tyres as well. Finland

NORDIC: Nordic produces work and driving lights for Heavy Duty applications. Nordic Light has a wide range of products as Halogen, LED and Xenon. Finland

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