Harput Holding began its business in the textile industry in the 50’s, settled down in Bursa in the 80’s and initiated its industrialization era. Having been playing an important role in the production and export of the Turkish textile industry, Harput Holding aims to utilize this commercial and production experience in mining, chemistry, food, insurance, construction and energy business.

Harput Holding has taken the principle of working with a team spirit and contributing to the national economy in a fair and participative management approach and without making concessions to honesty. In this scope, Harput Holding has entered the mining business in the recent years and is continuing its projects with the company Harput Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ according to international standards.

The company’s object is to present to the economy our natural sources in the most efficient way and to extend continuously the Turkish mining industry in Turkey and abroad with state of the art technology, knowledge and experience. Upon the decision of investing in mining projects in Turkey and abroad: in 2012, Harput Holding has obtained the required licenses from the Ministry of energy and Natural Sources-general Directorate of Mining by both bids and assignment from other persons and has started mining operations with the name Harput Madencilik in 2013 with a focus on the provinces of Artvin and Ordu.

Besides exploration operations with two ground and one underground drilling machine; incline shaft and gallery works are ongoing and eventually the company plans to establish mineral processing plants upon the identification of adequate reserves. Some information on the company’s projects are as following:

Artvin Dereiçi Project
The project is located within the borders of the province of Artvin at a distance of 66 km to the city. The geology of the license area of 1,680 hectares consists of volcanic-sediment sequences. In the prospecting site, massive sulphide & porphyry type Cu-Pb-Zn and Au-Ag mineralization is observed widely.

A total of 27.142 meters (at 121 diamond drill holes) of core drilling has been completed in the license area. In terms of geophysical works, a total of 120,900 m IP/RES has been measured on 58 lines by the Pole-Dipole method whereas a total of 88,670 meters of magnetic measures have been taken on 43 lines.

To determine the distribution of Cu Zn Pb Mo Au Ag mineralized zones, 4352 laboratory analysis results were evaluated. Preliminary ore modeling/resource estimate and metallurgical testworks have been completed.

Detailed exploration field studies for resource enhancement in license area are in progress.


Ordu Çamaş Project
The project is located within the borders of the province of Ordu at a distance of 31 km to the city. The geology of four adjacent license areas of total 4,718 hectares consists of volcanic-sediment sequences. In the prospecting site, multiple vein type sulphide CuPb-Zn and Au-Ag mineralization is observed widely.

The Harput Mining Company, which was founded as a Sadioğulları Mining Company, started mining operations in 2013. The mining licensing status of the Ordu Project is consist of 4 adjacent licenses which are three in detail status and one in operation status, total area of 6245 hectares.

A total of 12,343 meters (at 52 diamond drill holes) of core drilling has been completed in the license area. In terms of geophysical works, a total of 24,850 meters IP/RES works have been conducted on 22 lines by Pole-Dipole method.

To determine the distribution of Pb Zn Cu & Au Ag mineralized zones, 3041 laboratory analysis results were evaluated. With present licenses, general geologic mapping have been completed. Resource enhancement studies are continuing. Preliminary ore modeling/resource estimate and metallurgical tests of the area have been accomplished.

Detailed works for resource enhancement in license area are in progress.



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